The Covid restrictions have slowed down our events, but we are busy planning for the remainder of the year!  On 9/23/20 we will have our big annual fundraiser at Grain H2O in Bear, DE and for the month of October we will have our annual virtual 5k - check out our events page for all of the details!!!


This foundation was created after reading a news article about a K-9 Officer death during a police stand-off.  The dog was not wearing a vest and was shot.  I did some research and found that about ten K-9 Officer deaths each year are due to a shooting or stabbing in the line of duty.  Most K-9 Units rely on public donations to outfit their dogs with vests and there are a lot of unprotected K-9 Officers out there.  Our goal is to see that every K-9 Officer who needs a vest has one!  100% of all donations go directly toward vest purchases.

Using Amazon Smile is easy!  You just go to, sign in, and select us as your charity.  You shop as you normally would on Amazon, and 0.5% of your shopping total will be donated to us from Amazon!

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